What makes me, me!

My passion for being a counsellor started when I studied Psychology at University. I became increasingly interested in how we respond to stress and how we can build resilience to life's challenges.

During a particularly difficult time in my life, I accessed some counselling myself.

I had started to realise that the struggles I had been having were due to the fact my childhood was missing some vital elements and this is something I often encounter with my clients. In addition to this, during my teens I experienced a number of  Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs). Again, this is something I find is often a factor in how we deal with life's challenges further down the line.

This happened in the 1970's and back then mental health was only ever talked about in hushed voices, if it was mentioned at all.

I realised that the things I had found the most helpful over the years were the times I had been able to talk about my worries and be listened to by someone who was empathic. I noticed that my self awareness increased and I was able to make connections with events in the past. I realised I had a much better understanding of how it was affecting me years down the line.

​My studies of childhood development and attachment styles on my Psychology degree made me aware of what we need in order to thrive as adults.

I started my private practice in 2016 so that I could help you if you struggle daily with low mood, low self esteem, high-functioning anxiety and especially if this is connected to a difficult childhood. I also  see clients who have concerns related to grief or loss (at any time in their life).

Outside of the therapy room, music has been, and always will be, a huge part of my life. I love how I can choose a genre to reflect or encourage a certain mood, hence my love of most genres! I listen to  everything from Celine Dion to the Beastie Boys.

I especially love to play rap very loudly in the car.


I have a cherry red/natural fade Mapex drumkit, which I play to an acceptable standard (mainly indie and rock). I also go to concerts when I can and the local music festival, although my dream is to attend one of the larger ones.

I have always danced, again a mixture of styles, including ballet, streetdance and latin streetdance. I was once a member of an african/bellydance fusion dance troupe.

When I need to relax or find I am feeling overwhelmed, I have a mindful focussing and breathing practice that I do but I also find walking helps, especially at my nearest NT property, Lyme Hall & Park and the Middlewood Way. I also enjoy all things creative (watercolour and scrapbooking) and I recently decided to bring this into my counselling practice SEE HERE.

A bit more about me....