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Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Have you been struggling with anxious thoughts and the physical symptoms that accompany it? Pounding heart, sweaty palms, light-headedness and lurching stomach sensation, to name a few. If so, counselling can help you. I am sure you would like to feel calmer, feel more in control and be able to find ways to relax?

I have lived experience of anxiety so I can empathise fully with how distressing this mental health condition can be. I have many years of experience and expertise in working with clients who suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, and Generalised Anxiety, so you can be reassured you are in good hands. If you would like to start to feel calmer, manage your stress levels and learn how to cope better with life's challenges in the long-term, then you are definitely in the right place!

Issues such as Uni or workplace stress, poor work/life balance or difficulties with relationships can leave us feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Counselling gives you time to yourself first and foremost and the space to explore what might be contributing to your anxiety. 

I usually use clear explanations (called psycho-education) to help you to understand what is happening in your brain and body when you are anxious or having a panic attack. This may sound a bit daunting but I have found most clients feel a sense of relief just learning that anxiety is your normal stress response that has become a little over active for a some reason.

Understanding why this is happening is also part of the approach I use, mainly because we need to know about any underlying issues that may be triggering your anxious state as it will make it easier for us to devise your own personal coping 'toolkit'. 

For help now check out my mental health tips page here

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