Creative Counselling

Tree in green wheat field_edited.jpg

What do you see? An Oak tree? Or something else?

Creative Counselling can be for anyone. Have you ever looked at something, for example, a tree, and wondered what it could mean-other than what it is, a living, organic unit? If so, that was you engaging your Right Brain where the creative part of you resides. We all have this part, but we aren't encouraged, or have forgotten, to use it. Present day living involves using our Left Brain most of the time, engaging logic to deal with work, routines and time management.

Creative Counselling doesn't require you to be 'creative' in the usual sense. I'm sure I am not alone in having a poor experience of Art at school. Many people I have spoken to were told that they should draw a certain way or had their art compared unfavourably to others. Fortunately, Creative Counselling isn't about whether you have talent. Instead, it is about you interacting with different materials and it taps into preverbal information in our brains, mainly information in our brains that is 'unconscious'.The great thing about it is, it cuts out the struggle we have sometimes to put into words how we feel.

Creative Counselling Toolkit

What does it involve?

Firstly I will talk about your option to choose this type of counselling instead of a more classic talking therapy, from the very first chat we have. It is totally your choice. If you like the idea of it but change your mind later, that is absolutely fine.

Therapy only works if you feel comfortable whatever form your therapy takes, so we go with what feels right for you.

If you choose it then it will involve the use of such things as nesting dolls, drawing, photos, playmobil figures and working with clay.

Whether we have had past trauma, a significant loss or are struggling with our self image, creative counselling offers a different route in when the words just simply aren't there to express or explain how we feel.

Materials we can use in therapy

Shells and stones, for example, can be used to understand our relationships with others, or our self!

Shells & Stones in Therapy
Pens for drawing your feelings:Image by Bryan Woolbright

Felt tip pens, watercolour markers,crayons, paint-the choice is yours! 

Beautiful cards with inspirational words can help you to say what you feel

Matroyshka Dolls

Nesting dolls can be used in many ways in counselling, for example, in Inner Child Healing

Art journalling is a creative way of working with our feelings. It can involve the use of card, stickers and magazine cuttings and can be both therapeutic and enjoyable.

Working on Scrapbook