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Creative Therapy at Meadows Counselling

I'm Jenny, and a very warm welcome to my website.

I'm an Integrative and Creative Counsellor seeing clients 18 years and over for Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Generalised Anxiety, Low Self Esteem, Bereavement and Loss. I offer a 'tailored to you' counselling experience which takes your past, your personality and your relationships into account. Counselling sessions can be creative or they can be more traditional talking therapy-the choice is always yours.

I offer both face to face, 60 minute sessions in my relaxing and comfortable counselling room, tucked away in a quiet corner of Romiley, Cheshire, just outside of the main village. Romiley has good rail and bus links. I also offer Online sessions (if this is appropriate for your issue),

using an online Video platform, if this suits your circumstances better. 

My usual fee per counselling session is £45, but I do have a limited number of sessions I can offer at a reduced fee, depending on your personal circumstances.


Therapy at Meadows Counselling

Counselling has many benefits. It gives you time that is just solely for you to talk about and explore your worries, your concerns, your hopes and your goals. We can go through life feeling that we don't matter, but that is a message we have picked up from our carers. It's not true and in your therapy, you are important. It can help you to understand why you feel the way you do and this in turn increases self-awareness. The simple act of sharing your innermost feelings with someone who listens and actually hears what you are saying and then validates you, can be very powerful indeed.

This is especially true if you were ignored, neglected or made to feel as if you didn't matter as a child. You may have had parents who, for some reason, could not show love or give you what we call 'good enough' parenting.

Therapy at Meadows Counselling

Counselling can help you to find a more harmonious and authentic way of living 

Counselling can result in knowing yourself better and being more authentic in how you live your life, simply put, you can become more YOU. Many of us with difficult pasts do not really know who we are!

I believe that whatever happened to us as children or whilst we grew up, we deserve to live a rich and fulfilling life. If you feel that isn't happening for you right now then booking your first counselling session can be the first step towards it. 

Perhaps you have felt low recently, or highly anxious or maybe you don't feel you are living your best life?

Do you find yourself unable to say 'no' at work, despite having a huge stack of to-do's on your plate? Perhaps you are aware you may be a 'people-pleaser'? I used to be one myself, but thankfully I was able to find ways out of this difficult way of being (it is possible!).

You may have had a sub-optimal childhood, and may have been exposed to negative experiences during it. This can leave us finding it difficult to trust others and can affect our close relationships. However long ago these things happened, it is never too late to start your journey towards understanding what happened to you and begin to recover.


Other reasons to seek counselling are:-

  • You feel anxious all the time and may be suffering from panic attacks.

  • You are having difficulties in a relationship

  • You are struggling because you have lost something. This may be a person, a pet, your health, a relationship or your career, for example.

  • You don't like yourself very much or feel you have failed in some way. 

We all have difficult times in our lives, and when we do, it is absolutely fine to seek support.

We know so much more about mental health now and we also know that past trauma is best dealt with than allowed to stay locked away. It has a habit of showing up in our relationships, how we deal with life's challenges and our coping strategies.

Thankfully, along with increased knowledge and changes to how mental health is treated, attitudes have changed massively also. Mental health is seen as something we ALL have, and just as we attend to our physical health by seeing a doctor, seeing a therapist for our mental health is just as important.

Why Choose Me?

I am fully qualified, BACP registered with years of experience and that is important for you to know if you are trusting your mental health with me.

I also ensure I keep up to date as research continuously builds on what we know about anxiety, depression, trauma and how to offer the best practices in therapy. This up to date knowledge is called 'CPD' (Continuing Professional Development) and is a requirement of my membership body, the BACP. I take my CPD very seriously, and fortunately, I find learning very enjoyable!

It may also reassure you to know that my training, knowledge and my years of counselling experience are combined with a healthy dose of personal experience and you can read more about me here.

My training, experience (both personal and professional) and commitment to learning means I can offer you a great service;

one that is warm-hearted, understanding and safe

Bereavement & Loss

Perhaps you have experienced some form of loss either in the past or in the last few years. If you have lost somebody in the last two years your grief may have been complicated by the restrictions necessary to control the Covid pandemic, for example, not being allowed to say goodbye to a loved one in the way they, or you, would have wanted.

You may have difficult feelings around the death of someone you knew, you may have worries about how they died or how your relationship was at the time.

Talking through how you feel can really help to normalise how you are feeling. Many grievers worry that some of the feelings they have are unusual and are often surprised to find that they are, in fact, entirely normal.

If you are ready to find some understanding and comfort around your grief then by filling out the CONTACT FORM at the bottom of this page.

Raindrops-How Therapy can help with grief

Grief doesn't go in a straight line, it ebbs and flows throughout our daily lives

Anxiety & Panic Attacks

I have a great deal of experience of, and expertise in, working with clients who suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, and Generalised Anxiety. If you would like to start to feel calmer, cope better with your stress levels and learn how to cope better with life's challenges in the long-term, then you are in the right place.

Having to cope with workplace stress, work/life balance issues, difficulties with relationships and having to navigate a global pandemic can leave us feeling anxious and overwhelmed.


Are you ready to find ways of getting more control of your anxiety?

Email me at:


Need some tips to help you to feel calmer RIGHT NOW? Click HERE

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Low Self Esteem

Feelings that we are 'not good enough', not deserving of the nice things in life can originate in childhood, perhaps you were poorly treated or not given the nurturing we need to withstand life's knocks. For example, if we may criticise ourselves a lot or feel we have to try very hard indeed not to make mistakes.

Low Self esteem is what I call a 'Joy Sucker'. It takes a lot of joy from our lives. However we can improve the way we think about ourselves. It helps if we talk with a qualified counsellor who will listen and let us know we are okay just as we are, allowing us to let go of unrealistic expectations we may carry.


Find the real you at Meadows Counselling

What I Offer

My approach to your therapy is holistic, integrative and, if you wish, it can also be creative. I believe that Mental Health is something that involves every part of us, not just our childhood, brain and nervous system, but also our relationships with others, how we move and how often, our habits (good and bad!) and our health.

As an Integrative and Creative Counsellor, I have access to a number of approaches which I can use in your therapy. 

I will use a blend of these approaches (or theories) and it is unlikely I will use a single model for the whole of our work together. I have chosen to work this way because we are all unique and it is important that your therapy is as individual as you are.

This will ensure you get the best counselling experience that suits you, your issue and your practical requirements. Essentially your therapy will look very different from someone else's.  

The main models and theories I use include:-

Counselling for Loss

Creative Counselling

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Transactional Analysis

Polyvagal Theory

Internal Family Systems

Humanistic/Person Centred

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Jenny Hodsdon
Integrative Counsellor, Creative Therapist.

"I offer my expertise and the tools to help you to understand your thoughts and emotions. Together we will create a unique environment to give you the clarity you need to get the joy back into your life"


I'll get back to you as soon as possible!