Counselling for adults suffering anxiety, panic attacks and low self esteem

My name is Jenny and a very warm welcome to my website.

I am a qualified and BACP registered counsellor with a passion for helping others to find their way to better mental health.

If you are suffering from anxiety, panic attacks or low self esteem you may be finding that life is particularly difficult. You may be finding it hard to keep doing the things you used to, shopping, going to work, being social or you may be having trouble making changes in your life. 

Are you finding that every day is a struggle because of your anxiety and panic attacks? 

You may be starting to think that things just don't feel right and that you would like to understand why. Or your problems feel so many that you can't sort anything out? These are some of the reasons why people see a counsellor.

But how can I help you with these problems?

Here are some of the things you can expect if you decide to make an appointment with me.

Firstly I am someone you can open up to without feeling judged. I will also be listening carefully to what you have to say but in a different way than a friend or member of your family would. I will help you to get a clearer picture of your issues by being honest but in a warm and supportive way. 


I have had a long relationship with anxiety-experiencing it, seeing others struggle with it and studying the underlying biological, neuroscientific and psychological aspects of it. I know how distressing panic attacks can feel but I believe that they (and more general forms of anxiety) can be brought under control. In our sessions you will gain an understanding of how and why you are suffering in this way as this will be unique to you.


Self esteem refers to the way you see yourself or how you 'rate' yourself as a human being. Your self image can be affected by your past experiences or comparing yourself with others for example. If you suspect yours is low you may find it affects your relationships, your performance at work and many other areas of your life. In our sessions we will explore this and work together to improve acceptance of yourself. 

I am hoping that you feel reassured about what to expect from counselling and that taking that first step towards feeling better about your life isn't quite as scary. Perhaps you are ready to make an appointment for your first session? 



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Contact details and location

Jenny Hodsdon BSc (Hons) MBACP

Meadows counselling

Counselling room in a quiet location in Romiley, Cheshire

mobile:  07584283058

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