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Services I Offer

Face to Face and Online Counselling


I offer Online and face to face counselling for adults. Sessions last 60 minutes and are charged at a rate of £50 per session. In order to check whether your issues are suitable for counselling, and so you know who I am and how I work, I offer a free 15 minute phone-call session prior to booking you in.


My workshops are informative and inclusive, with a focus on clear psycho-education. I provide very useful strategies for participants to take away to use in real life, delivered with warmth and humour.

I offer workshops on a variety of subjects, including Anxiety and Stress Reduction, Self Esteem, Employee Self Care and Coping with Bereavement. These can be creative and participative.

Minimum of 1 hour 30 minutes duration up to 4 hours.

Ideal for employers concerned about the stress levels of their staff, particularly if there is high absenteeism. Includes ways to reduce stress, beginners meditation and useful resources. 

Fundraising Opportunities

Public Speaking and  Article Writing

I am available to speak publicly on a variety of subjects related to mental health. These include all aspects of Anxiety and I am happy to talk about my experiences around Ambiguous Loss, having already appeared on a couple of TV documentaries.

I have recently contributed written responses to a variety of Therapy related subjects on the BACP Therapy Today magazine's Talking Point' pages.

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