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relationship Counselling

Our relationships with others are a very important part of our lives.

We need other people in our lives, although the amount and strength of the relationships we have can vary hugely. If your relationship has become strained for whatever reason, I can now offer you and your partner a truly neutral space to help you both, Whether you are in a gay or straight relationship whether you have been together years or have just got together, I have a wealth of knowledge to help you resolve your difficulties.

Perhaps you are both struggling to communicate? Arguing a lot or maybe even giving your partner the silent treatment? This is where counselling and especially the support of a third party (ie me) can help you to communicate better and see the patterns you may have fallen in to without realising. Counselling can also give you the opportunity to heal if you have had relational trauma in the past (this is often reflected in our intimate adult relationships).

If you are constantly in conflict, then perhaps one (or more) of the four horsemen of the apolcalypse have entered your relationship and it's time to take it back to a time when it wasn't about 'getting one up' on your partner or being critical about the smallest thing they do.

These are common ways we can fall out of love (or even like!) with our partner.

With help, we can learn to communicate better in our relationship, look at our partner differently and heal from past relationships

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