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Things you can do to help your Mental Health

Sometimes we may not be able to access counselling. It may not be a good time for many reasons, finance may be an issue or perhaps you are waiting for your therapy to start. Here are some things you can be doing that may help you to cope better with the challenges life throws at you.

Image by Juliane Liebermann

Take a Walk

If we have too many tasks to fit into our day, are constantly rushing from one place to another, not taking breaks or not eating and drinking when we need to, then our nervous system will be stuck in fight or flight mode.

Just a walk in a park or nearby green area can help us to calm down and become mindful of what is around us. Why not take the kids?

Find a new hobby

If you are struggling with low mood, it can be extremely hard to motivate ourselves. However research shows that not doing things can make us feel even more isolated and depressed.
Anything creative is especially good for our brains. Creativity is a right-brain activity, using this can stop our logic-based left brain from ruminating on our problems and give it a rest-how good does that sound?
Forget what you were told at school, anyone can be creative!
Try painting, buy some air drying clay and make a model or try some crochet (all low cost activities if you shop around. Try Thrift sites and Charity shops).

Botanical Sketch
Image by Jen Loong


Mindfulness has many benefits not least how it helps new neural networks develop in the brain, resulting in feelings of calm. It has many devotees but can be a little tricky to get the hang of. Keep trying though as even just sitting still and focussing on your breathing is a great start. And it's free.

*Not recommended if you have had a recent trauma that hasn't been addressed.

Find your Tribe

Find people who make you feel good and see them, as often as you can. Connecting with others who are supportive of you will help you to feel calmer and cope better. If you are around people who make you feel upset, judged or small, then for your mental health's sake pass them by.

Image by Melissa Askew

More things to try......

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