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Privacy Policy 

We collect your name and contact details via the contact form on this website.

This data is used solely for the purpose of contacting you with details of the services that we can provide you with.

We store it as an email and on this website contact form until it is no longer required by us to contact you. 

The maximum time we would retain your data for is two weeks from the date of cessation of therapy has been confirmed.

This data is not used for marketing purposes.

Your data protection rights are governed by GDPR guidelines (please go to for a full explanation of your rights).

This website uses Cookies. There are two types of Cookies we use:

1) Necessary Cookies. These allow this website to work correctly and include Security, Network Management and accessibility. You can disable these, however this website may not work properly as you view it.

2) Analytics Cookies. We would like to set these cookies to collect information about how you, the visitor, uses our website. The information we collect will not identify you in any way. You can disable these and it will not affect your visit to our website.

Cookie Consent

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