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Why Have Grief Counselling?

We can't avoid loss in our lives but grief counselling can help us to work through the myriad different feelings we encounter when we lose someone close to us. We also lose relationships, careers, dreams and homes. The thing is that the actual experience of losing anything, be it a person, a pet or a job, has similarities; the emotions attached to it tend to be similar, although they may differ in intensity and duration.

If you feel that you are struggling with your grief for whatever reason, then you are in the right place. 

Grief counselling can give you the space to reflect on how you feel about the person (or thing) you lost. Your life will be different in many ways and it can take time to adjust. It sometimes be hard to talk to others about our loss, they may not want to listen. Counsellors are skilled at listening, with experience and understanding the variety of emotions that come with grief.

Loss is a natural part of life but can sometimes it can profoundly affect us, often in ways we don't expect. 

We can feel sad, angry and hurt. We may have regrets about our relationship with the person we have lost. We may feel that it is hard to carry on without them. If we have cared for someone prior to their death then we may find it difficult to re-establish meaning in our lives.

I have a special understanding of Ambiguous Loss (where you lose someone psychologically before they pass away eg Alzheimers) and Anticipatory Grief (where someone close to you is suffering from a life-limiting disease). 

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